An open letter to a Boba 4G



Dear Boba 4G,

I’m sorry. I thought we didn’t get on, I thought we just weren’t right for each other. I said it was me and not you but I was lying, I thought it was you. I was wrong though, I just didn’t give you a chance.

I knew you were happy with other people, I wanted to see other carriers and I was happy with them.

But something changed today. A tired, grumpy, teething girl came my way, you were the closest quick thing to hand so combined you me and her. She eventually let us soothe her to sleep, and oh Boba 4G, you were so comfy.

Thank you for not holding my bias against me, I know you’re still not the perfect carrier for me but I think we can have a better relationship now after our lovely afternoon together!


Rachael, a librarian who is happy to be proved wrong and is an excellent demonstration of the lesson to try something, even if you don’t think you like it…

P.S. The Boba and many other lovely carriers are available to hire from the library!