And now we are nine!

Friday August 17th was an auspicious day in the WaWiSH sling library world because it is the ninth (yes NINTH!) anniversary of the very first meeting we had where no one took any photos as I just thought it was a way for me to make more friends (which I did but thats not the point!)

I thought you might like to know what I did on August 17th this year!

I started off the day with an early consultation to help a mum back carry her three year old! She already carries the baby but days out with a toddler brought her back to me to crack back carrying (and discuss tandem carrying). Mum was a natural and the three year old was a superstar at staying still and helping to rescue a stuck camel (one of my tricks to motivate toddlers into a back carry, it’s very effective!)

It’s the summer holidays then so me and child went on a trip to Acorn Farm because they have guinea pigs. we cuddled the guinea pigs (the photo is Charlie, he purred happily on the child’s knee, I got to cuddle Zoe, I think her breed was a Teddy so that ticked my boxes.) and a rat tried to hide in my hood!

We had another slingy appintment that afternoon, this mama has hired before so knew exactly what she wanted and she needed it quick for trips out! I always try to fit people in when I can (so if I say I can’t, I really really can’t!).

A mad dash to pick a replacement washer for the faulty one (many of you will have heard my whinging about my extremely broken washer so I was very excited to persaude them to replace the flipping thing!) and I ended the day cuddling another guinea pig!

Nine years ago it was an informal session in the park, just parents meeting up who liked slings. Back then there were few training courses and none in this country at all (I don’t think?). Over the years I’ve had training as it became available, and as the training became more accessible we’ve added lots of peer supporters (And the insurance, and policies and other exciting paperwork that come with all that!). Nine years ago you could have a go with someone else’s carrier but the only way to try one at home was to “holiday” a carrier. As that was someone’s personal possession, holidaying carriers and wraps generally only went to friends. In nine years the community and the industry has grown so much, the library has grown and changed with it, and we’ve got a lot more growing to do! Stick with us and recommended us as much as you can to help us keep growing!