Today is #1daywithoutus. I try not to be political within the library as I want everyone to feel welcome regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, economic background or indeed political leaning. But given that first one I thought it was important to do something today so I came up with this!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Anna.

purple wrap

She is possibly the funniest person I know (the kind of person you have to beg to stop because it hurts mightily to laugh so much). (The other person in the photo is Ellie from Peekaboo Slings btw!)

with Ellie

She sometimes has bright pink hair.

pink hair

She loves unicorns even more than my eight year old daughter.


And she also loves herself a penguin.


She runs a zumba class in Astley where she makes sure it’s dark enough to feel confident that no one can see you sweating your bum off and being uncoordinated. Plus she pulls ridiculous faces and puts all her effort into leading the class!


She used to be a peer supporter at the library but since she’s been forced to go back to work and now spends library days discussing trees (or something) she ‘just’ helps out behind the scenes (including giving me pep talks, or a bit of hand holding if you will!)

holding hands

She once brought me the most ridiculous and uncomfortable baby carrier I’ve ever seen and lent me her child to try it out, unforutnately we don’t have a photo of that as I am quite sure both our faces were a confused picture!

star wars

She once borrowed some slings under the guise of writing a review of them (read that here!)


She is, quite frankly, superb. My life and the library would be less without her.


Oh, and she’s Swedish.


– Rachael