Changes to t&cs

The Terms And Conditions you sign on hire are changing.

Some are minor changes, like I’m updating to let you know that you’ll get an email five days before your hire it due back, and also asking you to add the hire email addresses to your safe senders list. I’ve also made the library’s policy for extremely overdue hires very clear.


But there’s also going to be a major change so I’m giving you advance notice of it! From April 1st all HIRES and RENEWALS will be subject to late fees (on top of the standard hire fee you’re charged for hiring) if you don’t return or renew before your return date.

The charges will be £2 PER DAY for the first seven days the carrier is overdue past it’s return date. And £2 per week for every week after that.

I understand that the long term hires end on odd days so to reflect this if you return your hire to a LIBRARY SESSION (not to my house, it MUST be to a library session) within five days of your return date then the late fees will be automatically waived.

Late fees will be charged up to and including the day you pay for your renewal (Which means that if you send me money on Wednesday but I can only process your hire on Thursday you won’t get charged an extra days late fees!). If you can take a screenshot of your payment and send it to me that will speed up the admin process!

I’m hoping that these fees will add a little motivation to help people renew their carriers before they become overdue, or it will go someway to making up for the admin time spent chasing overdue hires!

As with everything I can waive fees at my discretion so if you have problems with anything get in touch with me as soon as you can and let me know what’s going on.

– Rachael