Deciphering the types of slings

It’s very easy to get confused when you’re new to slings, or even if you’ve been a slinger for a while. I like to equate it to cars.


This is (not actually) my car.

I drive a hatchback, its a Toyota Yaris and its decuma grey. Slings are the same there’s a type (hatchback) brand (Toyota), model (Yaris) and colourway (grey).

Hop Tye

If we use a Hop Tye as an example it’s type is a mei tai, it’s brand is Hoppediz, the model is Hop Tye and for this particular one the colourway is Marrakech.

All (well, the vast majority, some are even simpler) slings/ carriers can be broken down this way.


This is a buckle carrier (type), made by Connecta (brand), it’s baby size (model) and it’s colourway is teal dot!