Exciting parcel!

So the other day I had to go the sorting office to collect a parcel (well three, but the other two weren’t exciting). I had to wait until after I’d pressure washed the back garden as I was on a time limit with that, so I feel my patience should be rewarded with a bit of a slooooow (Ha! Like I can exercise patience!) reveal on here…



So there’s the parcel, accessorised beautifully by the youview remote! The more observant among you may have spied a clue, well, what is it? Even if you scrutinise and spot the maker you won’t know what it is…


Ok, here is what was inside:




I rather pretty grey wrap. But it’s no ordinary wrap, oh no! This one is made by FireSpiral one of our very lovely British wrap makers, and it’s a teaching wrap! You can see on this photo it is double face, as it has a “right” side and a “wrong” side (obviously opinions on which side is “right” and which side is “wrong” will be entirely divided!).


It’s also split into thirds. Anyone who has been taught to wrap by me should know why, I have a picture to demonstrate. (This is me post pressure washing the back garden btw!)


So if you ignore my slightly gormless concentrating face you’ll see that a third of the wrap is up by the baby’s head (it will get tucked into the back of her neck, although make sure your baby’s face is visible at all times during wrapping), enough to make a little hat. A third is covering her back, and a third is tucked under her bottom. As babies get bigger the ratio becomes less exact but knowing the “rule of thirds” gives you the basics of even wrapping.




And here’s the finished article in a passable Front Wrap Cross Carry! This wrap is ONLY for teaching so won’t go out on hire, it’s been generously loaned to the library by Firespiral (http://www.firespiralslings.co.uk/) to help teach, and I love that this particular pattern is called “The Librarian”. Look out for it at library sessions and consultations!


– Rachael