Festive funnery

The library will close completely for Christmas on Dec 22nd, after that there will be no hire, no returns, no consultations and very limited email and social media contact until early January.

For most of the year my house looks like a fabulous sling shop, over the festive season though I try to make it look more, well, festive!

It’s also the season of giving so this year I’m giving you TWO special offers! Read them both very carefully so you know what you’re doing!


Hire anything (except accessories!) from the library and if your return dates falls within our Christmas holidays you’ll get an automatic free extension!

Green and Red Illustration Christmas Naughty or Nice Card

The second offer is a bit more complicated and even more special. I’m hoping to encourage people out of their comfort zone to try something new! On the myturn database some items are marked as “special offer” they must be reserved via the myturn system (create an account, select the item and dates, and then “check out”, if you don’t get an email confirming your reservation it isn’t reserved!), check the sling library dates before reserving as you have to set a session to collect from.

If you fail to collect you may still be charged the £10 and the item offered to someone else. Items cannot be returned early and cannot be swapped. If you do not return your item on time you will be charged the full usual library hire fees and may be charged late fees on top as per the standard t&cs. Please do not hire unless you agree to these terms.