Hello Grandma, hello Grandad, hello Nana, hello other named Grandparent! Thanks for joning us, it’s exciting isn’t it, being a grandparents, it’s like loads of the good bits of parenting without the bad bits!


It’s also a bit strange isn’t it, parenting is so different now to how it was when you did it, you think you’ve got the hang of it but then you’re told all the guidelines are different to how they were. They’re constantly changing, in fact since my daughter was born eight years ago many are different again, it’s due to constantly learning and constantly improving but it can be confusing!

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You may see your son or daughter struggling, it’s difficult to remember how hard being a new parent is (although I really do think some aspects of it will never fade) it must be even harder to watch your own child go through that. And trying to figure out how to help now that parenting is so different? Well there’s an easy way, just ask: “how can I help?” it’s so tempting to want to suggest things but believe me new parents get that from everyone, so even if you think they’re getting it completely wrong trust them and do what they need you to do.

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And a note of reassurance, me and my husband brought our daughter up completely differently to how our parents raised us. It doesn’t mean our parents did anything wrong just that this is what feels right for us to bring up our child.


Lastly, a little secret between you and me, using slings and carriers won’t make children clingy, a ride in a sling can magically calm a fractious baby or toddler (never a bad thing!), plus you can get lots and lots of cuddles in. I’m always available to help you learn to carry, support you or answer questions so go on give it a go!

– Rachael (who is already looking forward to being a grandparent!)