Meeting everyone’s needs

Part of my job is to make sure that you all have all the information you need to make an informed choice, and then help you to choose the right tools.

I often get asked about baby’s facing outwards on your front and it’s nto a simple subject. There are lots of things to be aware of, these are well covered covered by Rose from Sheffield Sling Surgery so I won’t try to reinvent the wheel!

A mum came to me, like many do, and asked about facing out, we discussed the article above and she was happy that a carrier that had to option to face out for short periods would tick all her boxes. I sent her off with a Beco Gemini and the went to explore Rome and Florence while taking photos for me! I adore this, as carrying your baby comes in all different shapes, as long as your shape is safe and responsive bend to it how best meets your needs! Exactly as these parents did! Read this mum’s thoughts below the photo.

nerys ffof


“Came along to the sling library to hire a sling for our trip to Rome, Italy. Having read blogs about taking babies to Rome, it soon became clear that there was absolutely no point taking a pushchair with us due to crowds and uneven roads. We thought we wanted an outward facing sling only, until Rachael sent us a few articles relating to some of the issues (becoming over stimulated as well as risking not reading baby’s tiredness cues) that facing out could cause our little one.

Taking this on board we decided to hire a carrier that did both, and we took home the Beco Gemini. This was perfect! We would start each day in Rome with our 11 month old facing inwards, upon arriving at the monument we would face her outwards, and on the way back to our hotel she would face inwards. This meant that she had the opportunity to sleep when she needed to (which she did!) when facing inwards, as well as taking in the multi-sensory experience of being in a bustling capital city when facing outwards!

We wouldn’t have had such a great experience with a happy, settled baby without having the carrier. I am a definite convert! Thanks Rachael”