Naomi, sling support superhero

This week on Sling Support Superheroes it’s “the week of the volunteer”. I’m going to feature an entirely random selection of the sling library volunteer staff!


First up is Naomi, she accidentally agreed to train to be a peer supporter and has never looked back. Working with Naomi has been a joy, at first she was incredibly unsure of herself and her new skills. In the library we have a strict rule that you’re not to do anything you’re not confident doing so Naomi stuck to that and asked to shadow, to practice, and to have the support she needed to feel confident.

That confidence came when I was very ill one week, I couldn’t stand up let alone run a sling library! The volunteer rallied to kep it running for the week I was ill but the change in circumstances seemed to awaken a new library teaching machine in Naomi and when I came back she had blossomed! It was a privilege to witness and I still love to see her teach now remembering how hard she worked to get that confidence to do so.

Naomi has said to me before that she enjoys volunteering the library because it makes her feels like a grown up again! I think all parents can identify with that feeling! She juggles library commitments around two small children and many pets. I rather get the feeling Naomi would have enough to own an animal sanctuary given the chance! (As if to demonstrate my point so also runs a small animal boarding business “Sophie’s Place”, the “Where’s Donald?” posts are my current favourite facebook thing!)

Many of you will have met Naomi as she’s the one who will always rescue me when I’m short staffed (if she can!), and she’s immensely popular with everyone!

Today she helped someone new to the library, her stretchy wrap wasn’t ticking her boxes any more and football with her older kids was becoming tricky. Naomi walked her through a few that seemed suitable:

A Zensling


A Sleepy Nico (I was called over to check this as Naomi didn’t think it was a good fit for the baby, she was correct)


And they quickly settled on the winner, a Connecta!

The mum wanted to pass on a very sincere compliment to Naomi:

“Naomi was looking after me and my baby . She made me feel extremely comfortable and explained everything to me and help me make a perfect choice she even had my baby so I could have a brew.”

That really is indicative of Naomi and all the other library volunteers!

– Rachael