New wraps!

It all got a bit exciting in the librarian household recently as these boxes arrived:


But what was inside I hear you cry? This from Hana Baby!


Well actually more accurately all of these:


Yep, that’s what a whole load of wraps looks like! But they are very special wraps:

04 05 06


They will be for our free stretchy hire project starting in Wigan (hopefully very soon, keep watching for details) and they are personalised with our logo! They you so much to Melissa for helping with this. Part of my funding bid was to have personalised wraps this is to promote the scheme but also to discourage theft!


That’s (some of) the wraps all packed ready for Carolyn when we start lending them out, watch this space!

And lastly one very excited librarian trying on the new wraps!

08 09


We had our photoshoot with Hazel Hughes Photography so we’ll have some really lovely promotional pictures to show you soon that should help us with advertising!