Part Exchange


We get many people who tell us they purchased a low cost sling or carrier to try out babywearing but then find that although they love babywearing they don’t like what they’re using. Or their child has outgrown what they’re using. Or they just don’t like it!

Whatever the reason you may find that it’s tricky to sell those items on and you’re not sure what to do!

Well we can help! Bring us any sling or carrier and donate it to us. You can then get two weeks free hire when you purchase at least two weeks from us! Like a part exchange! Swap your uncomfy carrier for a hire of a comfy one! We’ll teach you how to use your new hire and help you find the one that works the best for you and your child!

You must own the item you are donating, if it was gifted to you please get permission to donate to us.
All donations are final and cannot be reversed.
Hire credits must be used immediately.
Donated items can be any kind of carrying aid in any condition.
Donated items will either be redonated to charity or sold to raise funds for the library.
Hires are subject to the standard sling library terms and conditions.