Peer Supporters

It occurred to me I haven’t introduced you to our new peer supporters!

These ladies are volunteers who have used slings and carriers with their own children but also done a day’s training with the School Of Babywearing so they can help you with yours. I ask them to only do what they are confident with, which is how I work, it means that sometimes they may ask me to check things or pass someone over to me if it’s outside of their experience, but they’re all brilliant and have different passions within babywearing so each bring something different!

In alphabetical order:


This is Anna, she has pink hair, a number of wraps, and I think she knows anyone who is anyone on the “North West Babywearing Scene”! She likes to get newborns into stretchy wraps but can also work her way around a mei tai! She is abandoning us to go back to work at the end of July which makes me sad 🙁




This is Carolyn, she is my go to for twin related things (don’t be fooled by the single child on her back, she has two of them!) and anyone who likes size 4 wraps! She’s very cool, calm and unflappable which is never a bad thing at a busy sling meet!



Louise 2

Last but by no means least is Louise. Louise likes buckles the best, I think because she never ever ever stops! Infinititely organised she keeps things running smoothly and efficiently, while also juggling a toddler, consider putting cake in front of her if you see her!
So there you have it, three peer supporters to add to the existing consultant! We’re going to get everyone hands free!


Note: The photo of Carolyn is thanks to Hazel Hughes Photography Hazel is an amazing library supporter who is absolutely magic with a camera, and everything you want if you’re a bit shy in front of the lens!


– Rachael