Project update

I think it’s time for another project update don’t you (for details on what the project is see here: This one is, well, the best word to describe it would be long so grab a cup of tea and please read to the end, it’s important!

So, funding came in back in March and I put the wheels in motion, I spoke to Steph at Snugiwraps and sent over the money for the wraps and a secret element that I am determined to still keep a secret for a bit longer!

It seemed to go well at first, but then my emails didn’t get replied to. I noticed an announcement on the Nova Carrier facebook page (also run by Steph) about a delay, sent another email and when there was no reply to that I got a sinking feeling. To cut a very long story short it all became incredibly stressful with a lot of back and forth and a lot of phone calls and emails to try to sort things out. The upshot of it all is though, I am told that without resorting to court action I won’t be getting the goods I paid £1100 for or a refund of my money.

But this update does have a happy side to it, after all this project is about making our little section of the world a nicer place in a small way.

I want to tell you about the customer service girl Ana, who stepped in to help Steph and try to help her get back on track, so many people got their items or refunds thanks to her working tirelessly.

And I want to tell you about Louise and Carolyn, who have listened to every panic stricken word I’ve had over the last few weeks, helping me get things in perspective and figuring out a plan to ensure the project will still run.

Because that’s the thing the project is still going to run! And thanks go to some absolutely amazing people. Hana Baby wraps for example, I contacted Melissa and explained things, she agreed to supply wraps on the same terms as I had (which meant she had to offer a hefty discount, which she then discounted even more!), keeping me updated and generally being patient with me.

Plus, the other sling librarians. I mentioned what had happened, I needed them to be aware, I’d suddenly got very ill and while I would recover perfectly fine it would take a little while. I thought it was important they knew my situation even though I wasn’t in a position to say anything publicly for a while.

The next thing I knew I was flooded with kindness, compassion and offers of wraps for the project. Then when I explained Hana was sorting out wraps for me, monetary donations started arriving. I picked them up in the short bursts that I was able to work and it was almost overwhelming to be wrapped in this cocoon of loveliness! Maebh from Sling Heaven offered to donate her “Warehouse Sale” takings to me, so she auctioned a number of items to other librarians who bid and all the money came to me. Carol Kite from Salisbury library organised a bring and buy sale, librarians donated items, other librarians bought them. I mostly cried with gratitude! Carol entitled her sale “Sling Librarians To The Rescue” and that summed it up for me really.

This has been a really unpleasant time, I’ve felt hopeless and lonely. Then along came the people above and they restored my faith in people and lifted a weight (that I didn’t realise was even there) from my shoulders. Between them the librarians replaced every single penny, and more besides (which we’re using to get another library’s free hire scheme!).

So, the project will continue, Hana are busy sorting the wraps for me and they should be here soon! I’ll update again when they are because I’ll need you for something very special! For now though, go and thank a sling librarian, they will have just done something very wonderful!