We added a pair of Guinea Pigs to the chaos in the librarian household, they came from Warrington Animal Welfare (they have lots of pets to adopt if you’d like one or two!), here they are!


I bought them a new hiding place and found the label interesting (And reassuring!):


You can see that it promises non toxic dyes, so it’s safe for our pigs to chew. This is pretty important as we don’t want poorly pets! It never occured to me to that a pet toy could be made using unsafe materials so I was happy to see that the manufacturers had thought of that for me!

Jen 2

I know that when it comes to carriers you’re probably the same, but that’s why I think of it for you!


Are the dyes used safe for little people to chew on? Is there insurance and testing? Are their instructions good enough so that if you forget what I’ve shown you it can guide you through? Do they take safety seriously? The slings and carriers I have in the library can tick all those boxes, plus I believe that they do the job they are intended to do well and without too much complication. I ask these question so you don’t have to!


This means that when it comes to buying one of your own it’s always worth buying the same brand as the library carrier (And buying from a reputable source but I’ll talk about that another day!) so you can be confident of quality and safety!


(Note: The library stock is not an infallible source, there are lots of carriers we don’t have that entirely safe and lovely, being in the library is a good sign, not being in the library is not necessarily a bad sign but please do play it safe and either pick the same brand as the library or ask us for help!)