Secret revealed

Well, this is it the big super secret special library project revealed! After all these teases and all the waiting (which went on longer than I anticipated!) it feels weird to be telling you so, a bit of background first.

In the summer I met with some of the managers at Wigan Council, over a series of meetings we discussed a new venue (our central Wigan one) but also accessing funding.

They agreed that my idea should meet with the council’s guidelines so I set about writing an application to prove that using slings was beneficial, but it was to be judged by people who had no idea what a sling was!

The peer supporters, especially Louise, were invaluable, talking me through and checking what I did. But I know how cash strapped councils are so I didn’t rate my chances.

Then the email arrived.


Funding (Well, most of it) had been granted so…

Over the next few weeks/months we’ll be getting ready to offer a FREE four week hire of a stretchy wrap to any baby under the age of six weeks that lives in the Warrington, Wigan or St Helens area! (Be aware that to start with it will only be offered at one session in Central Wigan but anyone from our three areas can travel in to access it.)

Isn’t it exciting! My aim is to make sure that all new parents can access slings as they are so beneficial especially in those early days. Making it free means people are more likely to try it out and they’ll get safety advice directly from us.

I’ll keep you up to date with how it’s going to work, how we’re doing and what we’re doing as we get things ready so keep an eye on what we do! We’re going to need your help with some bits too!

– Rachael