Tiny Changes

The other day I was talking about those times when I look at what you’re doing, make a small change and the pieces all magically falls into place. It’s immensely satisfying as a teacher but I do know it’s immensely frustrating from the other side.

I was once on that side too. In 2008 the world of slings and carriers was very different. There were a handful of libraries (maybe 2 or 3?) in the country, a similar handful of trained consultants (who had to go to Germany to get trained) and then a number of “Sling Meets”.

Sling Meets are a little different to a library (and are how we started!) it’s basically an informal bunch of people swapping what they know and helping each other.

I went to the one in Liverpool as it was there or Levenshulme in Manchester and I could get to Liverpool on the train. Heavily pregnant in August I walked to the train station caught a forty minute train to walk fifteen minutes to the venue! (I was dedicated!)

But when I struggled after she arrived? My DH took a day off work, we carried the pram up and down the steps at the train station and onto the train, forty minutes on the train walked to the venue, and when Claire (who ran the meet with Kerry, and they were both brilliant!) said “just move her straight at this point”, it all clicked into place. In defiance I refused to use the pram again!

So when you want to throw everything out the window, when I make a tiny change and suddenly it’s working in an infuritating manner just think of how much worse it could be!


Note, this is my baby and my Dh’s less than ideal wrapping! This photo is now just over eight years old, the wrap was opened up for a photo (and I think so she wasn’t too hot after coming in from outside) but it’s likely she wasn’t in perfectly to start with. Little acorns and all that!