We all have those days

Andy is a peer supporter. And a daddy (He has written about that too! https://www.wawishslinglibrary.co.uk/uncategorized/babywearing-daddies/). And he wraps. And he’s amazing at soothing frayed nerves. He has a lovely little speech he gives people who are new to wrapping, I made him write it down for me to share with you. When it arrived I loved it even more than his in person version, because you can apply this to every part of parenting! If you want to partake of Andy’s superb blend of humour and calm ask us which library sessions he’ll be at!

– Rachael


Stella Tait


Its ok, we all get them;

those days when no matter what we try,
we just can’t get the wrap to go on right.

Maybe its because baby has grown,
maybe because someone else has used it and it just feels odd,
or maybe because its a day ending in a Y…

Catherine Martin


It’s ok, just breathe and try again.
Take baby down,
giggle with them,
then try again,
and again
and eventually it will go alright.

It never has to be perfect: just safe, secure and comfortable for you and baby.

We all have those days.

Amanda Chesterton