What happens at a sling library?

For anyone new, nervous, or just interested it’s usually a bit of the following:

When you arrive look for someone who knows what they are doing, or alternatively, me…

demo doll

That’s me in the photo above, cradling a demo doll because they are expensive. Although you might want to ignore the one abandoned on the table behind, it’s a wonder my child got to seven really!

You then need to sign in, we’ll ask for your name, how old your child is, and a brief idea of what you’ve come for, this is so we can group you together with people who have similar needs to reduce waiting time. Sometimes we may ask for permission to take photos for social media, advertising and posts like this and we’ll need to know if there’s anything we should be aware of such as medical problems. If you do have medical problems you MAY be better having a consultation with me to give us a proper amount of time to make sure everything is right. (wawishconsults.setmore.com) If in doubt though contact before you come for assistance.

Then, you wait, there’s usually other people to talk to and cake to eat and we do try to get to people as fast as possible. We see people loosely in the order they arrive, the peer supporters though may see someone futher down the list if it meets with their skillset better, or we may move people up to join a group. Essentially patience and trust are required, we’ll get to you!

stretchy demo 2

When it’s your turn me or a peer supporter will find you (and anyone else we’ll be demoing to at the same time), we’ll chat to you and then suggest something we think will work. We demo with a weighted doll (like the one I was cradling above) and then you can have a go with the doll before having a go with your real child!

stretchy demo

Time is limited so this means the number of options we can show you are also limited (for a much longer time limit and therefore more time to try different options you need a consultation wawishconsults.setmore.com), but we’re good at what we do and sometimes it’s beneficial when you’re new to try something for a while to see how you go on, feedback from something that isn’t quite right can inform us as to what suits you best. Everyone is different so it can be a bit interesting to predict, I am rarely stumped completely though!


Remember that library sessions can get busy, this means that if you want something specific you need to check with me in advance so I can bring it along, and we cannot teach back carries. We can demonstrate them but there are too many distractions for both us for it to be safe.

back carry

When you’ve chosen what you’d like to hire we ask you to fill in the paperwork, we’ll ask for contact details (name, email, address and mobile) PLEASE write in BLOCK CAPITALS, I have many handwriting related issues! You’ll read the terms and conditions (which can be made available before hire on request. They’re not lengthy though, just one side of A4 and there’s nothing hugley unreasonable on there either!) You’ll need to show us I.D. a driving licence is ideal as it shows your image and gives us a reliable indicator you live where you say you do. This is to protect the library as much as possible from anyone who may want to steal carriers from us. If you can’t provide a driving licence contact us beforehand for assistance. And payment, obviously, it’s £4 per week (or for three months it’s £25 for stretchy wraps and £40 for anything else).


And that’s it, you’re free to go! In the couple of days following the library session you’ll get an email from me detailing your hire, it’s return date, instructions for use, washing instructions and a copy of the T&Cs. Any problems or questions you can reply to that email and I’ll get back to you. You can extend your hire at any point before your return date by also replying to that email, it’s subject to the £4 hire fee.


When your hire is due return it to the library session on (or closest to) the date of your return. Any unreturned carriers are considered overdue, and you will be asked to pay £4 per week from the return date up to the date of which you return it. Overdue fees MUST be paid up front and not on carrier return. If a carrier is left for too long with no contact from you and/or no payment of the overdue fees and I will then consider the carrier stolen and I will take steps to retrieve it and the fees owed. In many years of running a library it has only got to that point twice, however many many carriers go overdue so please do make note of your return date and return, or renew, promptly.

If you want to go on and buy a carrier I can often point you in the direction of amazing UK retailers. So if you need me, contact!
stretchy demo 3

Any that’s, remember everyone was new once and we’re all pretty friendly, some of our volunteers were extremely nervous on their first day of volunteering so if you need an understanding and friendly face waiting for you don’t hesitate to contact us!

– Rachael