What is a sling library?

In short a sling library is a resource a bit like a book library. You can hire baby slings and carriers at low cost to either fulfill a short term need or to find the one that suits you best.

Who runs the library:The library is staffed by a consultant (the librarian) who has done several training courses, is a member of the voluntary professional organisation covering babywearing consultants (BABI) and whose advice is covered by insurance. There are also a number of peer supporters. They have received basic training and whose knowledge is backed up by the consultant. They are covered under the consultant’s insurance for the advice they give when the consultant is present. There are also a number of volunteers who help with paperwork/greeting people at library sessions.

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What slings do you have?
We have a large variety of slings and carriers from long pieces of fabric to more structured buckled carriers.

Why so many?
Everyone has different needs and everyone suits something different. To use an analogy my friends love their skinny jeans but I’m happier in bootcut.

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How is the library funded?
The library’s sole source of funding is the money brought in from hires. In the beginning it was self funded by the librarian.

What happens at a library session?
You can receive information and a recommendation on what is most likely to be most suitable for you, your baby and your circumstances/needs. We can show you how to use a sling/carrier you already own, or check how you use a sling/carrier. We can offer safety advice on any aspect of babywearing. You can hire a sling/carrier at low cost to take home and try and we can also help you find a retailer to purchase from. Be aware that library sessions can get very busy so there may be a wait (most venues have cake!) for a short time with the librarian or a peer supporter. More details on hiring can be found on the home page of this website www.wawishslingmeet.co.uk


What if I’d like more time with someone?
You can book a private consultation with the librarian via wawishconsults.setmore.com.

When/where are the library sessions?
Upcoming library session dates can be found on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/WaWiSHSlingMeet/events?key=events (click subscribe to be automatically notified of new ones) or on the website via this tag: https://www.wawishslinglibrary.co.uk/category/meet-dates/ Venue information is available via the meets tab on this website.