Why see a professional?

So this morning a fellow consultant pointed me at a really fascinating experiment and it really got me thinking. In the experiment a man tried to get freebies out of various professionals in different industries and failed miserably!  It ended with the personal trainer saying “Do you do what you do for free? No? Well why do you want me to then?”

Information and support at library sessions is free, and as long as I can do, it will continue to be that way. The reason I do this is because I believe that babywearing is important for bonding, it can ease various medical conditions, it opens up many avenues where prams can’t go and frankly, it just makes early parenthood a heck of a lot easier/more bearable. Because of this I want to make sure it’s accessible to everyone so I offer my time at library sessions for free and low cost hire.

There is the option for consultations though, so why should you chose to pay for those? Well, as decsribed in the opening paragraph you are supporting someone’s livelihood, you are directly paying me to provide you with a service that you can’t do yourself, in  the same way that I then use that money to pay the mechanic to fix my car or the tree surgeon to hack way happily at the stupid tree in the back garden. You get more time, free services are naturally busy and attract more people meaning we have less time, if you need to discuss a medical condition with me, or you don’t even know where to start it can be practically impossible to squeeze that into the five minutes we’ll get at a library session. I will of course always do my best if using the chargable service is not an option for you, this is the point of the existence of the free service!

By why even come to a consultant/library at all, I could just buy one and follow the instructions right? Of course, that’s why the instructions exist, but the role of the carring consultant is to use their training and often years of experience to help you find the right carrier for you (think jeans, my friend looks amazing in jeggings but that doesn’t mean I’ll like them!) and help you to fit your particular child in it. And there’s a remarkable difference between someone showing you how they put their child in and a carrying consultant showing you how to put yours in! Plus we talk you through the safety advice you need to know in a way that will be accessible to you.

When choosing a carrier to buy the same thoughts are relevant, you can buy a cheap chinese knock off for a fiver on ebay, so should you? Well, when you buy a more expensive carrier (Connectas cost around £68, Tulas around £90 for example) you are paying for the carrier that among other things:
-is insured
-is tested
-is made using baby safe dyes
-is made using good quality fabric
and last but by no means least
-where the workers are all paid a fair wage


The bottom line though is that everything needs money coming in in order to keep running, so if you want a library or a consultant to be available to you when you need it, then use it!

– Rachael (who can be booked for consultations via wawishconsults.setmore.com free library sessions can be found using this link: https://www.wawishslinglibrary.co.uk/category/meet-dates/)