Woven wraps

Woven wraps are often overlooked at the library but we want that to change!

Woven wraps have so much going for them!


They’re versatile

Infinitely adjustable


There’s a wrap to suit every pocket, there are excellent budget brands that cost under £50, but you can also get a beautiful one of a kind handwoven for, um, everso slightly more than that…


And oh so very very very pretty! LOOK AT IT!

oscha roses

So, to encourage you to fall into the rabbit hole of woven wraps for April we’re offering half price hire on woven wraps only!  You can see what we’ve got here, please let me know you’re coming for the offer and if there’s a particular wrap you’d like (check the sizes, if you’re not sure what size you need then ask!) And keep an eye on the facebook page as we’re going to try to post some inspiration for you!