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I’m Rachael, and I’m the lead consultant and librarian here! I did my first consultant training course in 2011 when my daughter was nearly three, she’s now a giant ‘nearly teen’ and I can still put her on my back!

I wore my daughter from birth… ish. It took me a while to get to grips with my wrap so if you’re struggling, I know how you’re feeling! I’ve also worn many other people’s children given the chance and a variety of dolls!

Over the years I’ve seen pretty much everything and can conclude there’s no problem I won’t attempt to fix and no such thing as a stupid question!

My specialist subjects include: tie on carriers, complex (or simple) medical issues, mental health challenges, the entire contents of the library, guinea pigs and taking bad selfies.

You can book with me here: Rachael is not currently running consultations.

I’m Naomi and I’m a mama to two girls and a baby boy.

My special interest in carrying lies with woven wraps. I first started to use woven wraps when my eldest (now five) was 6 weeks old and they have saved my sanity on many occasions!

My two girls both have additional needs and wraps have been a key tool in my ASD parenting box.

I qualified as a consultant in February 2019 and I can’t wait to get other people exploring woven wraps. 

You can book with me here:

I’m Adele and I have two kids, a girl and a boy. I would love more but I’m not allowed lol. So to curb my broodiness I like to help other people and their babies in the world of carrying!

I’ve worn both my children in a variety of slings and carriers one was a leg stretcher so I’m pretty confident I can find a sling that will work for you.

My special interest is babies! Wait, you meant in slings? Then I would say stretchy wraps because then I get to see babies! Did I mention I like babies? There isn’t anything I won’t try and we have Rachael and her experience as a backup if needed.

I qualified as a consultant in February 2019 with Naomi and Belinda and I love what I do!

You can book with me here: