CSP reviews

Warrington, Wigan, and St Helens Sling and Cloth Nappy Library is now known as Supportive Sloths North West! You can find our new, up to date, website at www.supportiveslothsnw.co.uk

CSP are “Cloth Sanitary Protection” or cloth sanitary towels.

All these reviews are written by librarian Rachael about the csp she owns herself. We can’t have csp to lend in the library so we thought some reviews might help! Rachael has very heavy periods and has used csp since 2007. She dry pails her csp (put them in a bag without doing anything to them), then rinses before washing. She washes on 40 with a smallish amount of bio powder (for preference). She isn’t too bothered about stains and instead would rather make things quick and easy! Remember a good score only means that it suits Rachael and her preferences the most, use the descriptions to decide what may work best for you!


Bloom And Nora
CSP reviewed: Bloom Mighty
Price: £4.00 (liner) – £8.95 (mighty) (Five sizes, bundles available) 3/5
Comfort: 3/5
I tested the heaviest pad and crikey it’s bulky! The fleece top is also very warm. Once on it is like wearing a lovely squishy duvet in my pants which is quite nice when I’m feeling rubbish, but it can easily been seen through leggings!
Absorbency: 5/5
I tested this pad on my heaviest day for several hours (normally heavy pads barely manage an hour) and it lasted excellently! I felt like I could absolutely rely on this to do what I needed it to do for as long as it had to! Very impressed!
Staining: 3/5
The top is purple on mine and sadly it is a bit prone to staining. This may be due to not following the washing instructions though.
Washing: 3/5
I feel a bit mean with this mark. Bloom and Nora have the most demanding washing instructions, they ask to be washed within 48 hours and with non-bio powder (I prefer bio for csp). They also recommend rinsing after use. I don’t find this particularly user friendly, so I have washed within a few days, with non-bio and have accepted stains. It’s also worth noting that in the first wash it left fluff on the other pads it was washed with, which was mildly alarming!
Special mention: 5/5
Bloom And Nora waterproof layer is made from recycled plastic bottles!
Overall: 3.7/5

Eco Rainbow
CSP Reviewed: Fae Pad Large
Price: £4.25 (small) – £6.75 (large) (three sizes, bundles available) 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
The tops of these pads are soft and silky smooth. It’s not too bulky either but still feels like there’s enough absorbency in it. These are absolutely my 12 year old daughter’s favourite.
Absorbency: 5/5
Again, I tried this on my heaviest day for several hours and had no problems at all.
Staining: 3/5
My pad has a light green top, my daughter has several different colours and the staining is pretty rife in almost all of them except the charcoal grey ones.
Washing: 5/5
There’s no special instructions and nice simple guidance provided by eco rainbow. They wash beautifully and dry fairly quickly.
Overall: 4.4/5

Eco Rainbow
CSP Reviewed: Handmade 10” heavy, plush fabric topped, fleece backing (no pul)
Price: £5.25 to £10.75 (five sizes) 3/5
Comfort: 5/5
Really customisable so you can get exactly the size and absorbency you like best. They’re not the thinnest, but I find them nicely squishy when I sit down! The plush top means they stay lovely and dry as well! They are absolutely the most comfortable I have!
Absorbency: 3/5
I chose not to have a waterproof backing, which does mean I have to be on the ball when changing during my heaviest days or I get leaks. Making different choices when choosing what to have could probably reduce some of this!
Staining: 5/5
No stains!
Washing: 5/5
I’ve owned these csp since 2016 and they are still in superb condition. The washing instructions don’t require any special care. They also dry overnight when hung from an airer so they are the fastest drying! (This may be down to the lack of waterproof layer.)
Overall: 4.2/5

Wee Notions
CSP Reviewed: Fairy Hammocks (from 2007) medium/heavy
Price: From £4.50 (customisable, bundle available) 4/5
Comfort: n/a
I’ve chosen not to score this as I think I would give a score that may not be representative of current fairy hammocks. Mine are well over 13 years old and the absorbent core is getting less soft and flexible than it was when it was new! Mine are very thin while still being absorbent!
Absorbency: 4/5
I have no idea what the core is made from now but these are the absolute work horses of my collection! The one down side that that as the wings are made from the same fabric as the top I can get a bit of ‘seepage’ down the side.
Staining: 5/5
My fabric choice is not good for this as there is mild staining, but as there is plenty of choice of fabric to choose from and you can get custom items easily then it’s easy to pick ones that are less likely to stain (minkee for example).
Washing: 5/5
They’ve been washed twice a month for a decade and while they’re starting to show signs of wear they’re still in extremely good condition! The washing instructions are simple to follow too!
Overall: 4.5/5