How To Hire – Cloth Nappies

We have four types of kit to choose from:

Extensive Kit

Our Extensive Kits are carefulyl curated to give you the best idea of exactly which nappies you want to buy.
Suitable from about 10-12 weeks Extensive Kits contain a range of up to date nappies from a variety of leading maufacturers.
They come with at least 20 nappies, fleece liners and 2 wet bags (one small one large).

Extensive Kits cost £5 per week to hire with a minimum initial hire of 4 weeks.

Style Kit

Our Style Kits are perfect if you’re unsure about cloth nappies, don’t mind hunting for a bargain second hand, or want to ease in gently with less choice.
Suitable from 10-12 weeks these kits are made from a smaller selection than our Extensive Kits and some nappies may be discontinued brands. We’ve worked hard to make the Style Kits the perfect balance between cost saving and choice.
They come with 16 nappies, fleece liners, and 1 lareg wet bag.

Style Kits cost £2.50 per week to hire with a minimum initial hire of 4 weeks.

Newborn Kit

Our newborn kits are suitable from birth and contain a small variety of nappies ideal for those early days. As your baby is growing quickly many of the nappies in this kit will only fit for a short time, making them the perfect hire nappy. This kit is perfect for the first few months of your baby’s life. This kit comes with at least 12 nappies, fleece liners and a wet bag.

Newborn Kits cost £2.50 per week to hire with a minimum initial hire of 4 weeks. We’re working on improving our newborn kits currently, to replace some of the older nappies with newer ones, the price may go up as we do so.

Long Term Kits

We have a small number of Long Term Kits available, these kits can really help you keep the costs of cloth nappies down. Each kit contains 20 nappies, we currently have pocket nappy kits and a kit of Bambino MioSolo nappies. You will need to provide accessories such as liners and wet bags (but they can be hired from us for a little extra).

Long Term Kits cost £5 per month to hire and can be kept as long as you need them but you can only commit to a maximum of 3 months at a time.

How To Hire

You can hire nappies from any of our library sessions, see our calendar here for dates:
At library sessions we’ll talk you through how to use the nappies and how everything works.

You can also collect from our Garswood drop box, this method does not come with teaching so we recommend taking some time to familiarise yourself with the nappies as they are in your kit. Contact us for more details on how to pay and to arrange a collection.

We also offer a delivery service, the price for delivery will depend on your area and distance from Garswood. Please contact us to enquire.

For any questions email us on