Free Stretchy Wrap Hire

We have been lucky enough to get funding to offer a free stretchy wrap hire scheme, this page will tell you everything you need to know but please use the contact page if you have questions!

Please note as the scheme gets up and running we may slightly change how to works to make it run better, I’ll update this page with changes so please check before you come to hire.

Anybody with a baby that is six weeks old or under can have four weeks free hire of a stretchy wrap. Free hire can only be claimed once per baby but can be claimed by any caregiver. You must live within the Warrington, Wigan or St Helens areas.


You can only access our free hire scheme from the dedicated newborn sessions, these run every four weeks, one from Little Buddies Play Centre in Wigan (See the Wigan venue page for more details) and Atlantis Soft Play in Warrington (See the Warrington venue page for more details). These sessions are run by consultants Adele and Belinda, they and the other volunteers will teach you how to use the wrap and how to know you’re using it safely. They are both very experienced sling users plus extremely kind and caring, they are the perfect people to run a sessions aimed at brand new parents!


You MUST bring proof of address with you, we cannot hire to you without it.

At the end of your hire you can return the wrap to the newborn session, buy one using our discount code (which gives us credits to replace the wraps when they wear out) or pay to continue hiring with us. You can pay to extend your hire electronically. Details of these and prices will be contained in your hire pack but we aim to keep prices as low as possible.


IMPORTANT: You will receive a reminder email five days before your free hire is due to end. If you cannot or do not wish to return you MUST contact us before the session, and either arrange to post back before the session or extend. Failure to do so may mean you are liable for large late fees. You can read more about these on our terms and conditions page.


Photos by Hazel Hughes Photography