How To Hire

We now have three ways to hire! From the drop box in Newton-le-Willows, at a consultation, or at one of our sling library sessions.

How to hire from the drop box in Newton-le-Willows

  1. Create an account on our database: (Click “create account” in the top right corner)
  2. Decide what you’d like to hire from our in stock selection: (Not sure? Email the librarian on to work out what’s best for you! Or use our lucky dip service to get 2 carriers chosen for you to try for four weeks at £20!
  3. Work out what date you’d like to collect and how long you’d like to hire for.
  4. You can reserve via myturn (don’t forget to ‘check out’) but in either case please contact the librarian on and let her know what you’d like to hire, when and for how long!
  5. Send payment for your hire via or bank transfer to Name: Rachael Cunliffe Bank: Coconut Sort code: 23-69-72 Account: 23761293 at £5 per item per week. (Taking advantage of our free hire scheme? You can skip this step!)
  1. On the day of your hire come to the address given to you by the libraran and find the box pictured above.
  2. Use the code given to you by the librarian to open the keysafe and collect the key.
  3. Use the key to open the box and collect your item, then lock again. (This can be a bit fiddly thanks to the locking mechanisms so just be patient and line things up.)
  4. Put the key back in the key safe, and change the number rollers to lock it. (Don’t forget to close the little window when you’re done!)

    If you get stuck at any point just knock on the window for help, but don’t forget we’ll need to maintain social distancing!

How to hire from a consultation:

  1. Book a consultation appointment with Adele or Naomi via
  2. Read all the information carefully and give as much information as you can on the form.
  3. Register on our database:
  4. Email with any questions before or after your appointment!

How to hire from one of our sling library sessions:

1. Check our calendar for dates and times of any upcoming sessions.
2. Book an appointment time via reading all the information carefully.
3. Register on our database:
4. The centre is open to the public but please arrive to Pipsqueaks in good time for your appointment.
5. Wash your hands!
6. Why not eat and drink before or after your appointment support Pipsqueaks? If you want to use the soft play equipment you may need to book via Pipsqueaks so please contact them for more information.