We all have those days

Andy is a peer supporter. And a daddy (He has written about that too! https://www.wawishslinglibrary.co.uk/uncategorized/babywearing-daddies/). And he wraps. And he’s amazing at soothing frayed nerves. He has a lovely little speech he gives people who are new to wrapping, I made him write it down for me to share with you. When it arrived I …

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Anna’s reviews

So, this summer Anna went on holiday, and two fo the library’s newest purchases went with her, she was under very strict instructions to use them thoroughly and then write a review. Anone who has spoken to Anna at our library sessions knows that Anna is VERY funny so this is both informative and entertaining …

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Consultation slots available

Consultation slots available for the next few Saturdays, you can learn with my undidvided attention (unless your small person does something cute, I’m only human!), no waiting and all the time you need! (within reason!) http://wawishconsults.setmore.com/ – Rachael

Lynsey’s story

Lynsey wrote all about how babywearing features in her life for us to add here. What always amazes me about Lynsey is that she is enthusastic about pretty much anything sling or carrier that passes through her hands, so a high end hand woven wrap gets just as much respect from her as, well, I’ll …

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Peer Supporters

It occurred to me I haven’t introduced you to our new peer supporters! These ladies are volunteers who have used slings and carriers with their own children but also done a day’s training with the School Of Babywearing so they can help you with yours. I ask them to only do what they are confident …

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