Ideal for newborns

This page will give you ideas for options that are ideal for newborn. If you’d like to hire one of them email us for more details or see the “How To Hire” page.

Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy wraps always have to come top of this list, they’re soft snuggly and the ones we use have just the right amount of elasticity! The elasticity is, for me, important as the right amount makes it easier to tie on, plus then you can tie the wrap on and pop the baby in and out during the day as you need to!
They can be used until they’re not comfortable any more which is often around 4-6 months.

We offer four weeks free hire of stretchy wraps to babies aged six weeks and under thanks to funding from Wigan Council.

Ergobaby Embrace

The Ergobaby Embrace is an excellent alternative to a stretchy wrap thanks to it’s soft squishy fabric and it’s stretchy shoulder straps (that stay in place!). It’s suitable up to about 6 months.



Close Caboo

Close Caboos are another greta alternative to a stretchy wrap, they don’t have the stretch to them them if you find tying a bit of a challenge with sleep deprivation the rings at the side reduce some of the complication. Plus they are easy to find second hand!
They generally suit up to about 6 months.

Beco Gemini

Beco Geminis are an excellent, no fuss option, they simple to use with three buckles and one set of poppers to make the carrier width smaller and larger! It will suit up to about 18 months.



Beco Gemini Cool

Like the Gemini above it’s easy to use but this very is much lighter. The standard Gemini is quite padded which is excellent for support but not ideal for those three really hot days we have in summer.

The Gemini Cool is made from a honeycomb fabric that helps keep everyone cool! It will suit up to about 18 months.



Mamaruga Zensling

We love this carrier because it adjusts as your baby grows meaning this could be the only carrier you ever need! The adjusts make it a little less simple to use but it’s still doesn’t require an engineering degree from Oxford!

It suits up to about 2.5 years.

But that’s not all! More coming soon! Watch this space…