Covid library session faq

Please read this carefully before booking!

Do I need to wear a mask?
Yes please, unless you are medically exempt please wear a mask while in the building. The consultants will also be wearing masks so if you are a lip reader or masks will generally impede communication please contact us so we can work out the best thing to do.

Is there somewhere I can wash my hands?
Yes, our venues have toilets and we have hand sanitiser for you to use.

Is everything clean?
As clean as it can be! On top of the cleaning the venues are doing already, we are wiping down the surfaces in between people. All the slings and carriers are washed before they are hired out again.

Will you teach me how to use my own carriers?
Yes. Let us know if you’d liketo also have carriers available for hire too just in case, but we do usually get things working for people! You can use our fiver friday fit check service to be taught via zoom how to use something you already have!

How do I pay for hire?
Please bring a card to pay with, or a phone that has data and can access paypal.

Do I need to bring the baby with me?
Ideally yes. and please bring something to put them on or in for when you need your hands!

Can I hire nappies?
A tentative, yes! We have very limited kits available at the moment so please contact us before booking. Please be aware nappies are currently HIRE ONLY. There is no nappy advice (yet).

I don’t feel comfortable coming into venues, is there another way I can learn?
Yes. We have consultations available in your garden (or in the case of bad weather, in your house). Please be aware that all adults will be required to wear a mask indoors unless medically exempt, and maintain social distance.