Free advice vs paid for advice

Sling Meets get very busy, that’s not a bad thing, it’s a social thing too so you can have some cake and chat to people, but it’s a trueism to say that as the librarian on the block I can be very time poor at sling meets! So I thought it worth exploring the difference between free advice at sling meet and paid for advice at consultations.

The advice at sling meets will always be free, there is a temptation to charge at meets in order to go some way towards paying for the time I put in, but personally unless I have to pay to be in a venue I will always keep advice at the sling meets free. As a free service though it’s incredibly popular. This can mean a long wait for a short discussion. Just like with other places where you can get a short amount of a professional service for free (such as a introduction with a lawyer) the quality of the advice is still sound, you can hire and ask questions and I do my best to fit everyone in within the time frame I have. My volunteers at meets work really hard too to keep things on track and try to match up similar needs (they really are ace, feel free to bring them chocolate or buy them cake!). It’s all free and there’s a good chance you can meet new people with similar interests to you (or learn something you never thought you needed to know!)

Consultations however are a paid for service, you are directly paying for my time, qualifications (Trageschule foundation and advance), insurance, membership of the professional body for babywearing instructors plus years and years of experience, for around an hour or so, on your own. Consultations are held at my house so it’s warm (until I open the windows because learning a back carry can be a bit like a work out!) and organised and I always mop the floor before you come! There’s no rush, no waiting, and you can ask any questions you need to.

Both methods of learning are available during term time, pick the one that works best for you (many people come and have a consultation and then come back to the library for quick tops ups or to try something new), and if you’re unsure I am always contactable by email.

Keep an eye on the website for details of each sling meet as they are organised, or book a consultation via

As always any questions just shout!