Slings and baby carriers for newborns

A friend of mine recently had a baby, so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me borrowing her baby to selflessly try out library carriers on him to create a guide! So much baby snuggling, it’s been very tough! (Not really!)

So, we started when my new little buddy was just two weeks old, his mum took part in our free stretchy wrap hire for newborns and they both love the wrap, she finds it easy now she knows how to tie it on, it’s soft and squishy and easy to pop him in and out of during the day!



Ring Slings are another excellent go to for small babies, they’re one layer so less risk of baby getting too hot, and you can leave it on like a sash while you’re changing or feeding the baby (for example). As with stretchy wraps there’s a bit of a learning curve but since they work well for newborns right up to large toddlers you’ve got plenty of time to get it to click (and of course we can help!) Me and my little buddy were very comfy in the ring sling. (KoKaDi Diorite Stars)



Another firm favourite for newborns is the Close Caboo. My little buddy was about five weeks when we tried this one and he was having a bit of wind trouble so I got to keep him for a while as I am “The Wind Whisperer”. (I do have attribute some of magic powers to slings though!)
I’ll be honest, I find other things more comfortable for me personally but the ease and speed of a caboo can’t be over looked.



Next up is another hugely popular carrier, the Mamaruga Zensling. This one seems to tick almost every box, it has buckles for ease of use (and dual adjust buckles which make it easy to tighten), it can comfortably carry a teeny tiny baby and we can use the adjusters on the front to “grow” the carrier all the way up to toddler! It’s soft and squishy and moulds nicely to the size of the baby. The shoulder straps can be spread for wearers with smaller shoulders. It’s even a good price and comes in a variety of rather lovely colours and patterns.
What’s the down side? Erm, library wise it’s rare we’ve got one in for you to try because they’re so popular! Other than that the same as everything else, it may seem to tick the boxes but when you try one on it may just not be right for you! (Hence why the library exists!)



A couple of years ago Tula brought out a new “Free To Grow” carrier and it hit the market by storm, and deservedly. Tula have cornered the market on amazing prints and the new free to grow removes the need for fiddly inserts!

At two weeks the tula FTG was still a bit too big for him width wise, we’ve found in the library that babies often need a good few weeks to grow into them, but once they do we can use the poppers and the adjusters to help to fit up to around 2 years old! There’s even a version with mesh for hotter days!



So many people shy away from carriers that tie on, but I feel they’re worth a try for most people. This is a Hoppediz Hop Tye wrap conversion. It has toggles to adjust from tiny to toddler, it’s hugely versatile and super comfy (espcially if you get an achey back). Quick to put on, and we can give you tips for rainy days and tails!
It fit my little buddy really well, and there are other meh dais (tie on carriers) in the library to suit different body shapes!



Next up was an Isara baby size, at 2 weeks this didn’t fit my littlr buddy well. It’s still a good option to try for many though, it’s endlessly adjustable and simple to use, plus it benefits from the flexibility of being able to choose between cross straps and H back easily!

Update: We tried again with him aged 3 months and it was now an excellent fit!

My little buddy is a bit bigger now, he’s three months old so we are expanding what we’re trying! An Izmi (This one is an “essentials”, ask us at the library about the differences) was next on my try list, I didn’t have one available when he was tiny but it dos fit teeny ones excellently. This carrier has been hugely popular, the shoulder straps spread to help keep them in place (excellent for narrow shoulders), and it’s very adjustable too! It was designed by a babywearing consultant and you can tell! My little buddy was quite happy, can you tell?