Slings at Graduation

Jo has a varied life as a babywearer! From back carries to tandem carries, and even to a graduation! This blog post gives a glimpse into her life as a babywearer (and mum of three, and student!)!

This is me with my then 5 month old baby girl, who is now almost 12 months.

I have two more girls, now aged 12 years & 2 1/2 years, meaning I only have 18 months between my two youngest. During both recent pregnancies I studied for a Masters Degree in Social Work and this photo is at my graduation ceremony in July 2019.

This sling was the first ever sling I hired from Rachael at the sling library, the Connecta hearts print back in 2017. I loved it so much that I bought my own and it also happened to match my robes! 

I took my husband with me, but baby was very unsettled in the day due to the continuing heatwave & so I decided to keep her with me throughout the whole ceremony, including going up to collect my award. 

I felt so happy that my baby girl could join in with my celebrations, & everybody I looked at was smiling at me. All of the staff members I spoke to said that they had never before seen a graduate babywearing at their own ceremony, & they thought it was fabulous.