Things you might find interesting (not sling related)

Things that our sling meet venues/supporters are doing that you may be interested in! (btw please support them as frankly, they are part of the reason the library keeps on running!)

Forget-me-not toys and books: Santa letters in their very own postbox, toys, books, they’ll help you pick, heck you can even have a slice of cake while you’re shopping, all very civilised! They also run story sessions and various other things during the week for smalls, as per their facebook page 🙂

Birth 2 Potty: the usual round of nappy/nappy advice (someone please try to present a nappy problem that Lisa can’t fix and will admit to not being able to fix, then I can gloat!) plus baby massage on a Monday and baby yoga on a Wednesday, payment is by donation contact to enquire about availability etc 🙂

Fit Together UK: Friday morning at Orford Jubilee Hub, an exercise class with your baby in a solarweave Connecta! £6.50 if you use one of theirs, £5.00 if you bring your own (it MUST be a solarweave Connecta though), contact Alison via Fit Together to book!

Playdays: I have no idea what they are doing at the moment, something fabulous I have no doubt because they are really genuinely lovely! Plus they are collecting chocolate oranges for hospitals (£1 in Wilkos currently) I WILL remember mine for the next sling meet there!