Virus Related Hiatus

Updated 6/8/20

Based on Government advice we’re taking a “Virus Related Hiatus”! As government guidelines change the library’s services change. This hiatus looks like it’s going to be going on for some time so we’ve now made some big changes! Read on and contact us on if you’re unsure of anything.

If you hired a carrier prior to 24/3/20 : The carrier you hired is now due back by 24/8/20. We are offering to waive the fees for you between 24/3/20 and 24/8/20. If you have the means to pay though it would really help this small business if you did! Details on how to pay are here: Details on how to return are here: As we agreed at the beginning this return date is a week after we are recommencing face to face hires with our test session, and as it’s been five months we need to try to keep the library running. Please do contact us if you’re having difficulties though or have to self isolate.

If you need or want to return a carrier: As of 6/8/20 we have four methods of return!
More information here:

If you want to hire a carrier: We have two ways to hire, from our drop box in Newton-le-Willows or in person at our test session in Orrell on August 17th.
The free stetchy wrap hire scheme will continue via thhe drop box only, so babies aged 6 weeks and under can hire a stretchy wrap for free for four weeks. (After that as usual the wrap would need to be returned or pay for hire).
If you hire a carrier but need to self isolate over your return date please get in touch with us so we can adjust dates.
Please contact to hire or ask questions.
More information here:
The usual terms and conditions of hire apply:

If you need to learn how to use a carrier (either one that you own or one that you’ve hired from us or elsewhere): Come to our test session at Pipsqueaks in Orrell on August 17th!

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us. And you can read about what we’re doing behind the scenes to limit the spread of the virus here: And our test session risk assessment is available if you would like to read it.

– Rachael and all the volunteers at WaWiSH Sling Library